Tuesday, February 21, 2017

St. Patricks embroidery desgins

Good Morning to you
(or afternoon, or evening depending where you live)

I have been busy, busy, busy....Long story short
I have been selling on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/AppliquedesignsbyPRB?ref=si_shop

for about 6 yrs. now,
I love it,  have had great customers, reviews, and the 
community is very supportive, however  Etsy is
always doing some kind of testing with SEO,
item placement, search, etc... and every time they do these
things it takes anywhere from 2-4 months to complete, 
of course in that process my views and sales go crazy and 
not a good crazy.

I wil have some days where I get 2 views in 8 hrs. then bam I 
get 60 views in 1 hr.   Same with the sales, 1 sale for a day, than
the next day 20 sales.  Drives me completely crazy.

So, I have a customer which I have been
cutting his hair for a while now (5+yrs.) and he is a web developer,
you've guessed it, he is helping me set up my own store front.

I am super excited because I know nothing about any of this,
he is literally making, desiging an setting up my store front for me.
Of course I will not be quiting Etsy or my day job
any time soon. but hopefully one day I can.

In the mean time here are a few designs that I have been working on.


Applique Shamrock truck


Applique Monogram Shamrock arrow frame

Okay that is all I have for now.  Please stop on by my Etsy
store  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AppliquedesignsbyPRB?ref=si_shop
and have a look around, who knows you may find something
that you just can't live without.

Until next time.

Friday, February 3, 2017

I have been super busy
at work and have not had
the chance to post much lately.
I work full time as a manager at a hair salon
here in Vancouver WA.  
Every yr. we have a sale, and all hair cuts are $7.99,
it is crazy busy, after standing on my feet all day for 8-10 hrs.
I am ready to just come home put my feet up and do nothing.

I did however manage to digitize a few more 
Valentines designs.
This is called tribal hearts, This could also be
used for someones Birthday or Anniversary.
It is listed here
in my Easy store.

This next design is one of my favs.
Isn't this little love bug just the
cutest thing.  He would 
be so adorable on a onesies, baby blanket,
baby bib, baby hat etc......
here is the direct link to this cute lil' guy......

Would love to hear some feedback on my designs.
Until next time, have a wonderful day/night.