Monday, October 31, 2016

November Monthly Special

November Monthly Special

I have decided to have 
a monthly special, where I will offer
two of my digitized designs at 50% 
the regular price, only available 
in my Etsy store.
This offer is for social media peeps - so I will be
advertising it a lot on twitter, pintrest, tumblr.  I will
not be annoucing this on my Etsy site.
In order to take advantage of the 50% off
you will need to add 
into the coupon code box during checkout!!!!

Here are the two designs for the 
month of November:
A pilgram turkey.  
for some reason it reminds me of an
old fashion looking turkey.  I'm not sure why
it just does.

Up next is 
an adorable cute little fox.
I think he is so stinking' cute, he would be so
adorable on a child's shirt or oneies...or backpack!!!!!!

Okay so again, these will be 50% off reg. price
for the month of November.  
Remember you will need to enter
into the coupon code during checkout.

Hope you enjoy your savings and are able 
to make some cute 
projects with these designs.


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